Philipp Meyer – Author of “The Son”


There are a lot of comparisons floating around about Philipp Meyer, author of The Son and American Rust.  The aftertaste of The Son is remniscent of Steinbeck, with that great feeling of Americana that hits you square in the chest.  Of course, having read Blood Meridian I couldn’t help but draw a comparison to McCarthy.  During the five years while Philipp was writing The Son, he read approximately 350 books on Texas history, hunted with a bow, learned to tan hides and drank buffalo blood (an old Comanche ritual).  In April 2014, The Son was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize of Fiction alongside The Woman Who Lost Her Soul (Bob Shacochis) and The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt).

I met Philipp in June of last year and he graciously sat in for a portrait.  You can find more information about Philipp Meyer here.


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