the Art of Savoring.

It is a conversation that I have had often.  Two generations from now, will boxes of photos even exist? Or will the mounds of digital photos end up on some toasted computer hard drive, lost forever? A single photograph in a soldier’s hand, a tiny likeness in a locket close to a mother’s chest, the moment in time, light through lens, emulsion and paper, what a precious thing to savor.



I remember my mother talking about those hot summer days in Ward 8, Louisiana.  Her Papa would walk down to Garrett’s store for cokes and orange push-ups.  I can just imagine my mama and her four siblings sitting on their hands in anticipation for that cool orange delight.  She always said that her Papa had to keep his pace to more of a trot on the way home in order for the treats not to melt.  Today we have drive-through windows with 32 oz drinks and 24 packs stocked in our refrigerators.  My generation does not know the art of savoring.  I’ve heard my mother say it a thousand times, “everything in moderation.”  Perhaps, she came to know moderation out of necessity when our country was a country that I wouldn’t recognize.

So, the next time that I run out of toilet paper and dart to the local discount store, I’ll look down beside the counter at that old slide back cooler.  There I’ll spy the orange push-ups.  The packaging will be different but the spirit of it all will still remain.  I’ll resist the urge to insist that I “don’t have time”  or that I shouldn’t have “all that sugar.”  Sticky hands on the steering wheel,  I’ll push the cardboard back on that baby and I’ll take the long way home.


here are a few FOUND photos from my collection:


Pierre Rigaud _ Constantine, North Africa

Pierre Rigaud _ Constantine, North AfricaMary Simmonds lived in her car for months

Mary Simmonds back

Ernest Tubbs, Hank Snow, Lou Childers Korean War c1950

Ernest Tubb, Hank Snow, Lou Childers /  Korean War c1950

Barbara Stanwyck 1949actress Barbara Stanwyck 1949

1915 Oklahoma Randall Holmes, Chester Davis, Michael Thorne, Thomas Hill

1915 Oklahoma / Randall Holmes, Chester Davis, Michael Thorne, Thomas Hill

Bill & Charles

“Bill & Charles”